Fair play at OTC Cup matches

OTC Cup has again grown during last year, and it now hosts some 200 players in 30 groups. As such, the Cup is one of the most important OTC activities, and we wish that all players enjoy the games. In this, all players have a role to play.

First, let’s all make sure we schedule the matches as early as possible, and answer all queries on possible times. Should you not be able to play, please answer – and if possible, suggest a new time. Try to aim at agreeing over the schedules during the first three weeks of any given round. One round lasts six weeks.

Sometimes, it may be challenging to find a time that suits both players. The player, who is more active in suggesting possible times, has a right to mark a walk-over (wo) victory. The rules only mention this in passing, and we’re about to update the rules shortly. The main principle remains that – despite your best efforts – if your opponent just does not find her/his way to the court, you have a right to a walkover. ”Tactical” last minute suggestions at a point in time when you’ll have no reasonable chance of finding a free court, do not reflect the fair play spirit of OTC Cup. Let’s all play fair – and agree over the schedules fairly. And if you just cannot find a common time slot, also be fair about agreeing over the walkovers together.

We have also received feedback about some players not playing the matches. Some series automatically drop a player from the cup, if a player misses a round without notifying the cup responsible. We want to avoid doing this, but at the same time: we ask for activeness when you’re playing the cup. It is fair for other players that they get to play as many matches as possible.

We are about to make some changes to the rules, and we will let all the cup players know of them once they have been agreed upon. You will also find them online in both Finnish and English.